Defamation, First Amendment & Cyberbullying

DiTommaso represents both plaintiffs and defendants in all matters involving First Amendment rights including defamation, libel, and cyberbullying. Our lawyers have extensive experience navigating this highly-complex and ever-evolving area of law. Our Firm has successfully represented clients ranging from individuals who have been sued for invoking their free speech rights to businesses and individuals whose reputations and livelihoods have been tarnished by false, defamatory speech in-person or over the internet.

Chicago Motor Car Corp., et al. v. David Bates, Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Lee. 2012-2013. Represented Defendant in a lawsuit alleging defamation, false light, tortious interference with contract, false advertising, and cybersquatting. Defendant was being sued as a result of several internet postings and YouTube videos he made criticizing the Plaintiffs. Obtained settlement wherein Defendant withdrew his motion for Rule 11 sanctions and Plaintiffs dismissed all claims against Defendant with prejudice. Opposing Counsel: Serena Pollack (Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP)

Williams v. Marder, et al., United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Magistrate-Judge Guzman. 2012. Represent Defendant in a lawsuit claiming defamation, tortious interference with inheritance expectancy and employment and malicious prosecution. Defendant is being sued as a result of his alleged efforts to try to protect his father who suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s from alleged abuse and neglect by a nurse who had sought to obtain a $3 million bequest from the father.