Cook County RecordDuPage judge strikes down law requiring divorced parents to fund kids' college education

Cook County Record - May 08, 2018 Saying the law is essentially antiquated and violates the equal protection rights of divorced parents, a DuPage County judge has found a state law requiring divorced couples to fund their children’s college education to be unconstitutional.

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College of DuPage College of DuPage wrongful termination lawsuit ends in 3 separate deals

Daily Herald - June 23, 2017 Thomas Glaser and Lynn Sapyta, two former College of DuPage administrators who were fired by the school in 2015, have settled their federal wrongful termination lawsuit.

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College of DuPage Former College of DuPage settle lawsuit over wrongful termination

Chicago Tribune - June 22, 2017 Former College of DuPage Controller Lynn Sapyta, left, and former Treasurer Thomas Glaser settled their wrongful termination lawsuits with the school on June 22, 2017.

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Cook County Record Berthold says Volvo violated its copyright regarding typeface

Cook County Record - June 22, 2017 A Chicago company is suing Swedish car manufacturer Volvo AB and its North American entities, alleging copyright infringement.

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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Logo Public safety officer cleared of defamation claim

Chicago Law Bulletin - November 8, 2016 DiTommaso successfully defended its client, a community college public safety officer, against a claim of defamation brought by a former co-worker. The plaintiff alleged that she had been defamed when the former co-worker superimposed a picture of her onto a flier advertising a seminar about dealing with problem employees. DiTommaso argued that the flier was not defamatory because it could be innocently construed as having a nondefamatory meaning. A federal judge agreed and dismissed the claim.

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Daily Herald Logo Former COD controller wins bid for unemployment benefits

Daily Herald - April 29, 2016 DiTommaso successfully defended former College of DuPage controller, Lynn Sapyta, against claims that she is not entitled to unemployment benefits because she engaged in misconduct. Following a hearing before an administrative law judge, the judge found in favor of Sapyta ruling that she is entitled to unemployment benefits. The judge expressly rejected COD's arguments that Sapyta engaged in misconduct instead finding that her work performance was acceptable and that she followed existing accounting practices and used what she believed to be best practices for her job.

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Daily Herald Logo College of DuPage controller/assistant VP of financial affairs in board of trustee's crosshairs

Daily Herald - September 9, 2015 DiTommaso has been retained to represent embattled College of DuPage controller and assistant vice president of financial affairs, Lynn Saptya, in pre and post-termination administrative proceedings before the COD board of trustees. Despite receiving numerous accolades during her tenure and having an employment contract running through June 2017, COD has terminated Saptya in what has been described as a political firing following the election of three new board members and the installment of a new chairwoman who has long been critical of Saptya.

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Courthouse News Service Logo Hollister class certification affirmed on appeal

Courthouse News Service - June 1, 2015 A New Jersey appellate court has affirmed certification of a nationwide class in a lawsuit filed by DiTommaso against Hollister relating to a 2009 holiday gift card promotion. According to the lawsuit, Hollister promised $25 gift cards to customers who purchased $75 worth of merchandise but then voided all the gift cards on January 30, 2010, despite the fact that some of the gift cards had the words "no expiration date" printed on the back of them. The appellate court rejected Hollister's argument that the class should not have been certified because members of the class could not be ascertained.

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Cook County Record Sodexo accused of failing to pay employee's overtime; case settled, dismissed

Cook County Record - March 24, 2014 A woman is suing over claims her employer hasn't paid her for overtime work.

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Cook County Record Woman files class action suit over "MyFord Touch" system

Cook County Record - January 16, 2014 A woman has filed a class action lawsuit over what she alleges is a defective feature in the car she bought in March 2013.

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Today's TMJ4 Consumer succeeds in defamation lawsuit brought against him by used car dealership for internet reviews

Today's TMJ 4 - July 12, 2013 When David Bates posted negative reviews online about a used car dealership, he never guessed it would land him in court. DiTommaso successfully defended Mr. Bates in a defamation lawsuit brought against him by the used car dealership by arguing that the negative reviews were protected by the First Amendment.

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Wine bottle Charlie Trotter Wine Sale Sours

ABC News - June 15, 2013 Famous chef, Charlie Trotter, sued for allegedly selling counterfeit bottle of wine

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PRWeb logo Notice goes out in class action suit against Abercrombie & Fitch

PRWeb - May 24, 2013 Notice has gone out to notify members of the nationwide class of the pending lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch. More information and important documents can be found on the class notice website

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Daily Herald Logo Grant's class action lawsuit settles

Daily Herald - February 12, 2013 A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit filed against Grant's Appliances and other Grant stores relating to a rebate program. As a result of the nearly $600,000 settlement, approximately 7,000 class members will receive checks later this year.

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Reuters Logo Nationwide class certified in lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch

Reuters - March 2012 A Judge has certified a nationwide class in a consumer fraud class action filed by DiTommaso on behalf of consumers who received gift cards at Abercrombie stores as part of a 2009 holiday promotion. Abercrombie petitioned to decertify the class but the Seventh Circuit sided with DiTommaso and denied Abercrombie’s petition. This case has been covered extensively in a number of blogs.

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Chicago Sun-Times Lawsuit claims hair treatment a scam

Chicago Sun-Times - August 5, 2009 When laser therapy, scalp messages and dietary supplements didn't work, two clients of Deerfield-based Natural Hair Growth Institute sought refunds.

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DCBA Brief Profile of Judge Abraham

DCBA Brief It was no surprise to Ken Abraham when the Strong Interests test he took while at Morton West High School showed he would like practicing law. From the time he was twelve years old and watching television series like "The Defenders" and "Judd for the Defense", he had known that he wanted to be a lawyer. After high school, he went on to the University of Illinois at Champaign where he majored in Political Science.

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FRA NOI logo Vincent DiTommaso profile

FRA NOI - October 2008 As a result of Vincent L. DiTommaso's talent as a lawyer and his hard work in a particular class-action lawsuit, the Chicago-Kent Law School was awarded a $100,000 cy pres award. "Cy pres, which can be described as a form of court-sanctioned philanthropy, is often involved in class-action judgements when it's not feasible to disperse the settlement funds to the plaintiffs," DiTommaso explains. "Cy pres really is a win-win situation, because not only is the 'bad act' that was the subject of the lawsuit rectified, but the settlement is dispersed to organizations that advance the public good and/or protect consumers."

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Ticket Canceled Concert

Chicago Tribune - April 30, 2002 Class action suit against Doobie Brothers promoters

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Two scam relief Tow Scam Relief

Chicago Tribune - April 5, 1995 Suit against Lincoln Towing helps 9,000 allegedly overcharged drivers

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