Identifying Authors of Anonymous Internet Posts

DiTommaso and Viriant Help Businesses Combat Harmful Internet Posts

Viriant has selected a handful of preeminent attorneys nationwide to work with because of the attention and expert presentation that is required for every case. We are pleased to announce that our firm has been selected to partner with Viriant.

At DiTommaso, we have decades of experience representing businesses and their owners and pursuing all legal remedies on their behalf. Now, through our partnership with Viriant, we have a new tool for representing businesses harmed by false or deceptive online posts. We can now identify the individuals who post comments or reviews anonymously online which can potentially save our clients time and money and increase the likelihood of a monetary recovery.

Anonymous Internet Posts Can Harm Your Business

One of the benefits of the internet is the anonymity it provides users. However, some people exploit this anonymity to harm businesses by posting false and defamatory reviews and comments online without having to reveal their true identities. These individuals often falsely claim to have had negative experiences with a business or product and give it low ratings in hopes of causing harm. In some instances, the anonymous poster is not a disgruntled former customer at all but rather a competitor trying to disparage your business in hopes that customers will be dissuaded from doing business with you.

Common methods competitors use to harm businesses include posing as former customers, clients, or patients to post negative Yelp reviews; writing fake blog posts attributing false or misleading qualities or results to your product or services; or creating an entire website containing sham product reviews that gives your product or services a negative review while promoting the competitor’s product or services. This type of business disparagement or business defamation is not only underhanded but it is illegal. These types of anonymous posts and websites can cause serious harm to a business through lost sales and customers. A negative online reputation can even cause vendors or investors to refuse to do business with your company.

It Is Now Possible to Identify and Locate the Authors of Anonymous Internet Posts

Competitors, however, are no longer able to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and harm your business with these fake and negative posts. Our business litigation attorneys at DiTommaso have teamed up with Viriant, a leading internet forensic investigation company, in an effort to help businesses repair and protect their online reputations against false and defamatory online postings. Viriant uses patented investigation techniques to identify and locate the authors of anonymous online posts from any user-generated online content and has helped businesses of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small, local businesses. DiTommaso’s attorneys have decades of experience helping businesses recover damages through litigating commercial defamation and product disparagement suits. Through our one-of-a-kind collaboration with Viriant, we have the unique ability not only to identify those individuals who are harming your business but also to represent your business in a lawsuit to stop and remove these harmful posts.

Contesting these fake reviews one by one with Yelp, Google, etc. can be a time consuming and often fruitless endeavor. Every moment spent fighting to remove false, negative online posts is a moment not spent focusing on growing your business. Let us help you. Viriant can uncover the identities of these anonymous posters and our attorneys can represent your company in a lawsuit to stop the commercial disparagement and tortious interference with business relations. Your business may even be able to recover damages for the harm caused by these anonymous online posts. With attorneys in Chicago and Oak Brook, we represent businesses located in Cook, DuPage, and the surrounding counties. To schedule a consultation with a member of our team, contact us online, or locally at 630-333-0000.

To learn more about Viriant and their services visit their website.

Disclaimer: DiTommaso does not control or review the content of Viriant’s website(s) and does not sponsor, approve, or make any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy thereof.

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